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Let’s Celebrate Summer


In the spirit of embracing not only the joyful sunshine but the spirit of summer too, I’d like to make some changes in my daily routine.

Living in the UK, there is a much clearer distinction between the seasons than my previous Southern Hemisphere climate.¬†Over here, Winter was distinctly icy and dark while Spring was an adventure of colour as the world drew in a breath of fresh air. I think I can safely say that it is now properly summer – seeing as today is the summer solstice. Technically, we’re already on our way back to Winter, but let’s not think about that.

This is how I plan to make the most of Summer:

1. Drinking More Water

No more desk-dehydration. I’m taking a jug to work and I plan to infuse some water with all sorts of things like strawberries and lemons – what fun. We have a running joke to call these infusions ‘Douche Drinks’. I stand by that and look forward to my deliciously douchy drinks. more