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Products Move Fast and Ideas Spread Quickly

There’s this phenomenon amongst humans where we tend to have the same ideas around the same time, especially in the startup space. This happened even before the internet, where Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both dreamed up the wizardry of calculus, separately. Technically, Leibniz formally published his results first, even though Newton’s papers had already been circulating for some time. The invention of calculus is now credited to both of them. Pretty cool I’d say, and much less of a trainwreck than the unpleasant battle for the telephone patent.

The concept of simultaneous ideas shouldn’t really surprise us since we’re trying to solve big problems that we all deal with, but somehow we can’t help but feel quite offended if someone encroaches on what is clearly our IP. The reality of having a billion dollar idea is that someone else out there has probably just had the same thought. It’s usually not a unique idea because the problem you’re trying to solve on a global scale tends to be quite a global problem.

Since someone else has inevitably already had the same idea, you have to recognise that, accept it and then quickly decide how you’re going to play it: more


New Business Cards!

Let me preface by saying that running out of business cards is a wonderful problem to be faced with.

When I first moved over to the UK, I decided that I’d like to go to as many networking events as possible. I had become a regular of Joburg-based 27Dinner and wanted to find something just as magical. I started looking for cool things and in the process discovered all of the glittering hackathons that London has to offer. more


This Month In Design Trends – May 2015

Could we all just take a second…

To recognise…