Experimentations with Kinetic Quotes




Magic, isn’t it!?

As a tiny little side project, I’ve decided to create some of these kinetic quotes. Not only will these get my creative juices flowing, but I’ll also get to work on my motion and graphic design skills. Win-win!

Gif creation is also a hot topic that I’d like to stay ahead of. I was surprised at how long-winded the workflow is flow gif creation, considering their current rise in popularity.

To build one of these lovelies, I started in Adobe Illustrator, where I put together the graphics.

Screenshot 2015-07-16 23.35.31

From there, I watched this tutorial to figure out if there was a good way to move between Illustrator and After Effects – there was, it turns out.

Next up I created an 800x800px composition in After Effects and imported all the Illustrator layers. I also then recreated the text natively in After Effects so that I could animate the letters individually (Source Sans Pro and Serif Sans Pro with very high tracking).

Screenshot 2015-07-16 23.36.45


“Ideas are easy” – animated the tracking amount from 185 to 0, animated opacity
“Implementation is hard” – animated the position and opacity
Cool circuit boards – right clicked to Create Shapes From Vector Layer, then animated the trim paths (animated start for the top, end for the bottom)

So from here I was a little disappointed to discover I couldn’t export directly to gif from After Effects. The good news is that it really wasn’t very difficult. I followed the very straightforward thoughts from this tutorial, first exporting my animation as a PNG sequence (after decreasing the frame rate to 10fps in composition settings).

Next up: Photoshop > Open > Select the first PNG > Tick Import As Sequence > TADA!

Screenshot 2015-07-16 23.46.31

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S for Save for Web (remember to select loop forever).

Screenshot 2015-07-16 23.47.03

Hey Presto! We have a wonderful kinetic quote!

As a product designer, I need to be good at a lot of things. It’s a multi-faceted discipline which really requires a working knowledge of the whole spectrum. I’m constantly on the path to keep getting better, so I’m looking at these as an exercise in healthy skills development!

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