Here’s an Idea


Over the last few months, it would appear that I’ve become known for working on at least a thousand projects at any given time. New ideas fill up my mind and run away with my imagination, leaving me a little bleary eyed but always hacking something together.

Every day, I think of a new product. A new project. A new thing to build.
I love it.

That being said, while I do have exactly the same number of hours in my day as Beyonce, my body can’t always keep up with the whirring cogs of my idea generating brain. In the interest of general health, I’m setting myself some ground rules:

1. Only one priority project at a time
2. The project must be complete before I can move onto the next one

Simple, right? One would think so.

For my own record (and because ideas get better when you share them), here is
The Short-term Mega List of Magical Products to be Built:

  • Get Better At Twitter – 2 weeks of bite-sized actionable text messages to help you get better at Twitter
  • I’ll Teach Your Parents How To Tweet – An email course and community built around helping your parents get comfortable with Twitter
  • Calm The Fuck Down – A relaxation app for Apple Watch
  • MetaHack – Meetup about getting better at Hackathons for Hackers in London
  • How to Win a Hackathon – Pre-Hackathon presentation to improve the quality of hacks
  • Gif-ify – Browser-based gif creation

While this is a relatively reasonable list, I’d still like to take a few steps to make sure the list gets completed pronto. To do this, my friend Matt and I have created a spectacular concept.

Introducing: Wonderful Wednesdays!
A weekly progress catch-up email to make sure we’re getting things done.

As a product-focused twenty-something, I’d like to imagine myself as a company. I’m building products and getting things done, but there are absolutely no repercussions if I don’t ship. It’s very easy to delay a product or neglect my blog (cough cough…).

Wouldn’t it be great if I had a board to oversee my progress and direction? To get some honest feedback from a stakeholder who’s genuinely interested? To get the benefits of the advisory capacity and accountability of a board, but applicable to my majestic daily life?

I say yes! Yes to Wonderful Wednesdays. 

At this point, we’re one week in. While I may have started a bit ambitious, I can already see the benefit of this added layer of tangible accountability. I look forward to seeing how this goes, so watch this space for an update to see how our little experiment is working out!


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