New Business Cards!


Let me preface by saying that running out of business cards is a wonderful problem to be faced with.

When I first moved over to the UK, I decided that I’d like to go to as many networking events as possible. I had become a regular of Joburg-based 27Dinner and wanted to find something just as magical. I started looking for cool things and in the process discovered all of the glittering hackathons that London has to offer.

Oh boy. They’re fantastic. (But I’ll save that love story for another post).

Regardless of the format (be it a hack or chat), networking is this magnificent thing. There’s something great about meeting people and building connections in an exciting environment that you would otherwise not see.

Through my networking escapades, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of cool places. I’ve been to the Facebook Office twice and to Twitter 7 or 8 times (befriending a whole cohort of people along the way). I’ve been to Microsoft, to Google Campus, to Braintree, to Tabacco Docks, to Old Billingsgate. It’s certainly a way to see the city.

Not to mention all of the lovely and interesting people I’ve met along the way! The patchwork of business cards I’ve collected is this wonderful intermingling crowd of contacts I have in London – My treasured network.

There’s a word in some nordic language for the moment that you realise that everyone’s lives are just as infinitely complex as your own. I feel that every time I meet someone new at one of these events, it’s this mind-opening unbeatable hit of perspective. I just love hearing about who they are and what they do and where they’ve been and who they’ll become.

It’s wonderful.

Of course, my secret weapon in all this is It’s my go-to source of great events, so if you’re not part of a few meetup groups, go sign up. Immediately.

Right. Now that we’ve discussed the many merits of meeting people, let’s realign to my original point. I have networked so furiously that I needed to order new business cards.

It is no secret that MOO prints fantastic cards. They also let you print a bunch of different cards in one pack, so for my last round I printed this rather varied set:

Eleanor Harding's Business Cards Round 1

When offering someone a card, I’d fan them out and let them choose. The lego was by far the most popular with the umbrellas being the least popular option. People also liked the photo cards to remember who I was. I liked the absolute minimalism of information on the mini card but felt that it did need a little bit of extension. Taking all this feedback on board, I designed my next set of business cards – featuring:

Twitter handle for quick contact.
Website for everything else.
Photo for context.
Lego blocks in your favourite colour for delight.

I’m thrilled at how they’ve come out!

Eleanor Harding's Business Cards


(Sidebar: you can tell that I’m really into green at the moment…)

So if you’d like a magical lego block card, come find me at one of the many events that I will inevitably end up at (Rainmaking Loft tonight, for the Intel RealSense Meetup!).

Alternatively, if you’d like to have your own set of cards done, here’s 10% off from MOO!


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