On the value of writing


I’m on a difficult mission which is going to take me an enormous number of hours: I’m trying to improve my writing skills.

Writing is not something I find myself inherently good at, but I do believe it’s a skill that can be learned and mastered. I also think that this is something that deserves the time I’m going to put into it – there is absolutely no denying that writing is a vitally important skill.

Writing is an extraordinary a way to communicate.

It’s this wonderful way of getting thoughts out of my head, onto paper. More than that, it’s a great delivery method for ideas. I’ve got these enormous, complex ideas bubbling around in my head waiting to be smoothly translated into a sharable medium – writing helps me do just that.

It’s how I get my job done.

Writing is undeniably necessary for my job. Through ideation, documentation and the hundred other formats and mediums I use, a large portion of my communication is non-verbal. I need to share my thinking with the people around me in a work environment and writing is often the best way to do that.

It’s a tool to sell my skills.

Through my exciting journey of working for myself, written communication has proven paramount. It’s how I sell myself, it’s how I communicate what I can do, what I will do, what I’m doing and what I’ve done.

It’s a way to organise my thoughts.

I’ve been keeping this blog going for the past six months and I’ve found a lot of value in the external cognition that comes with writing. It’s a decidedly therapeutic way to organise my thoughts on a big, complicated topic.

It’s a beautiful process.

I find extraordinary value in processes. As a Product Designer, applying processes is a fantastic way of ensuring the consistent quality of execution I pride myself in. I find equally tremendous value in the writing process from a trigger to an idea, from intention to a blank page, from your mind to your fingers, from your keyboard to the page and from these pages to the world.

It’s pure creation. Plain and simple.

I started this post as a blank page. There was nothing here and now I’ve filled it with thoughts and ideas and intentions. It’s creativity – it’s going from zero to one.

It transcends space.

We have this incredible ability to consume thoughts from people all around the world. Medium is a great example of this and is a wonderful machine powered entirely by geographically diverse thoughts. What a magical thing to be able to share musings with the rest of the world in an instant – reaching anywhere and everywhere in a few bytes.

It transcends time.

Writing enables us to enter the mind of someone who lived hundreds of years ago. It’s a medium to communicate across time (even if it’s a one-way stream at this point). In this way, writing is really time travelling. With that in mind, I’m writing this blog for futurenor. She’ll come back here and be proud of the person she was in her twenties, reading about her adventures in London, how hard she worked, how many things she did, how much she grew and how much her writing improved.


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