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Recommended Reading

I’d like to recommend a book for you, dear reader. It’s not often that I write about the books I’m reading, but when I do you know that they’re good.

The book in question is ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ by Ben Horrowitz.

I’m working hard to prepare myself for future CEO-dom as a step on the path to building an empire, so I’ve found this to be a particularly good read. If you’re really into fiction and you don’t enjoy business books then this might not be such a great fit.

If you share my taste in books then you would be doing yourself an extraordinary favour by giving it a go.

I’ve enjoyed the tangible, thought-provoking ideas about details you wouldn’t think about until you ended up in that situation. I’ve also enjoyed the realism of the book and how it addresses more than just the sunshine and daisies of running a unicorn.

Three points which have stuck in my head now that I’ve finished the book and I can see a great deal of value in the application of these points as a step towards building something incredible:

  1. Articulating the vision
  2. Having the right kind of ambition
  3. The ability to achieve the vision

If short-form content is more of your thing, then I’d like to provide some alternate reading material in the form of a tweet stream. Quite unrelated to Ben’s book, but it resonated with me nonetheless:

Keep doing fantastic things.


Products Move Fast and Ideas Spread Quickly

There’s this phenomenon amongst humans where we tend to have the same ideas around the same time, especially in the startup space. This happened even before the internet, where Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both dreamed up the wizardry of calculus, separately. Technically, Leibniz formally published his results first, even though Newton’s papers had already been circulating for some time. The invention of calculus is now credited to both of them. Pretty cool I’d say, and much less of a trainwreck than the unpleasant battle for the telephone patent.

The concept of simultaneous ideas shouldn’t really surprise us since we’re trying to solve big problems that we all deal with, but somehow we can’t help but feel quite offended if someone encroaches on what is clearly our IP. The reality of having a billion dollar idea is that someone else out there has probably just had the same thought. It’s usually not a unique idea because the problem you’re trying to solve on a global scale tends to be quite a global problem.

Since someone else has inevitably already had the same idea, you have to recognise that, accept it and then quickly decide how you’re going to play it: more


On Startups

Picture yourself at the start of a runway. You know that you need to take off, except you don’t have a plane yet. You’re not even sure what your plane will look like or how it will fly, but you have to build it. That’s part of the race.

You start with little more than two wheels, just to start moving by any means necessary. You add a makeshift body and throw in some wings for good measure. As long as you can push it yourself, for now it’s all that you need to get moving down the runway. You pick up speed. It’s time to improve your wings. Time to add engines. more