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On the value of writing

I’m on a difficult mission which is going to take me an enormous number of hours: I’m trying to improve my writing skills.

Writing is not something I find myself inherently good at, but I do believe it’s a skill that can be learned and mastered. I also think that this is something that deserves the time I’m going to put into it – there is absolutely no denying that writing is a vitally important skill.

Writing is an extraordinary a way to communicate.

It’s this wonderful way of getting thoughts out of my head, onto paper. More than that, it’s a great delivery method for ideas. I’ve got these enormous, complex ideas bubbling around in my head waiting to be smoothly translated into a sharable medium – writing helps me do just that.

It’s how I get my job done.

Writing is undeniably necessary for my job. Through ideation, documentation and the hundred other formats and mediums I use, a large portion of my communication is non-verbal. I need to share my thinking with the people around me in a work environment and writing is often the best way to do that. more


Read Something Every Day

Your day is made up of moments, strung together into the wonderful whirlwind of your life. Some are crazy, some are exciting, some make your toes curl and some make your blood boil. My favourite moments are the quiet ones – the ones where you can just sit down, close your eyes, slow down your breathing and just think…

Other moments aren’t as nice – they’re boring. When you’re waiting for a train to arrive or staring out the window once you finally get on. When you’re trying to convince your brain to go to sleep or when you want to lie in bed for just 5 more minutes. When you’re grabbing a quick sad desk lunch while you scroll through infinite tweets or the flood of engagement announcements on Facebook this week.

There’s a better use of your time. You could be reading something. more


Do Everything Better

You are your decisions. Your decisions define who you are.

You are forever becoming who you are.

I am a firm believer that almost every one of those tiny decisions that we make on a daily basis build us into the people we are.

I’ve taken this mentality to heart lately and I’m trying to live by it. Which is why I’m sitting here writing this instead of browsing 9gag while I wait for my train.

I’m currently reading ‘An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth’ by Chris Hadfield, who writes about his journey of becoming an Astronaut. (Sidenote: Chris Hadfield is an avid early adopter of Periscope. This brings me great joy). His mentality is something I agree with. more