22 published and 22 drafts


My focus for this week is to work on getting things done. It’s exceptionally easy to add something to a to-do list, but it’s much harder to take it off. In the interest of decreasing the length of my list and increasing the number of mini-fist-pumps that follow task completion, I’ve decided to put some energy into the backlog on my blog.

However, in the process of cleaning up my blog and working through the many drafts, I’ve noticed the ratio between drafts and posted is exactly equal. I find that pretty interesting, but I would also definitely like to fix it.

The good news is that I’m not stuck on what to write about, but the bad news is that I’m not happy with how much content is hiding behind the curtain, incomplete.

I’m going to fix this by:

  1. Concentrating on the existing drafts instead of thinking up new things to post about. Seems straightforward, but I’m going to say it anyway.

  2. Spending little bits of time on the drafts without rushing to post for the sake of posting. If I put 30 minutes into writing every other day, then the drafts will advance. If it’s 30 minutes on a single post or 6 sets of 5-minute tweaks on a bunch of posts, it’s still progress. The posts are being written. I’d to concentrate on progress as much as completion.

  3. Writing iteratively. I see writing as an exercise in thought organisation and thoughts tend to develop best when you’re off doing other things. I’d like to iteratively improve upon multiple posts instead of one at a time.

  4. Bottom up. I’ll be starting with the oldest drafts. They need attention and a little push out of the door or they’ll collect too much dust and never see the light of day. This goes hand in hand with ruthlessness: if the concept behind a draft isn’t good enough, I can delete it.

  5. Sticking to posting schedules. For the past month or two, I’ve quite effectively stuck to the schedule of posting something every week. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite stick to that last week. I’m putting in extra effort going forward to build this into more of a habit. And speaking of habits:

  6. Forming habits. I’d like to piggy-back the habit of writing onto another habit to ensure that it gets done. I used to write for 20 minutes in my lunch break, but I’m working with a different client now where I seem to skip the writing over lunch. I’m on the lookout for some peripheral time in my week next to an existing habit to slot in some writing.

I’ll be putting extra effort into applying these ideas to my writing this week – hopefully to some super effective results!

So there. That makes it 23 posted and 21 drafts. Let’s do this!

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